Soccer Bot: Code

Hi everyone, today I worked on some code for a soccer robot that was prebuilt. Here are some screenshots of the code that was made:

The Main Body of Code:


Here is the “Kick” custom command block:


The robot worked okay, apart from a little fine tuning with this code the main thing that needed fixing was that the bot fell often fell over.

That is waiting for the next session of roboclub to come along to fix it.


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  1. Hi Eajbuilder,
    You did a good job of cleaning up the visual appearance of the code. The post has a nice clean visual appearance.
    I will give you links to the videos of the soccer robot tonight.
    Also, I have two interesting drone links. One is an Arduino BYO drone. Another is a site which explains how drones are controlled and why they have four rotors instead of three.
    Keep up the good work.

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