Soccer Bot: Code

Hi everyone, today I worked on some code for a soccer robot that was prebuilt. Here are some screenshots of the code that was made:

The Main Body of Code:


Here is the “Kick” custom command block:


The robot worked okay, apart from a little fine tuning with this code the main thing that needed fixing was that the bot fell often fell over.

That is waiting for the next session of roboclub to come along to fix it.


Crusoe’s Frontloader – version 2

Hi Everyone,

Crusoe updated his front-loader robot using some assemblies we found in the boxes… a set of treads and a scoop from the Monday group. The treads were not as good as the ones that Cruoe built last month, but they will do for now. A solidly built, interesting little robot.



Crusoe’s Front Loader

Hi Everyone,

I gave Crusoe a challenge to make a front loader robot trigger by different colour tape on the floor.  Here is the robot he made. It is very solidly built, yet economical with the parts…. a very good design. I look forward to seeing it complete the challenge next week. Here is a link to the video:

More pictures below.




Hi team,

Today I’m working on the Hill climb challenge.


Building Bluetooth Bots

Today we got to build custom bots. Our goal was to make Bluetooth RC bots, using one EV3 brick as a remote control for another robot. We went through and made sure all the bots had the up to date firmware. Ethan had a go at writing the control software, but had a network error when he ran it.  Ethan and Crusoe kept trying to copy the building ideas from Micah. We are still working out how to get motors to drive the ball shooters.

The robot above is Crusoe’s robot: Well done for working out how to get reliable tread movement! He wrote a program to drive it and got it to make 90 degree and 180 degree turns!  Hurray!!!

I found the Bluetooth LED blink example program and it works, so next week we should have fun programming the Bluetooth RC part.

See you next week.