Cleanflight on STM32?

Hi EJbuilder,

I looked at my files on stm32 drones and realized they were very similar to the video you posted the link to. I have a couple of stm32 chips:

Do you want to try and put Cleanflight on this chip?

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  1. But the Naze32 rev6 flight controller is still very different in many ways (it has an MPU6050 accelerometer built-in). There are many different types of revisions for the clean flight to suit specific makes of boards (such as BFF3, OMNIBUS F4, Naze32, SPF3). All this boards house similar an sometimes the same chips (Naze32) as the STM32. So why would they have different makes of code? Well, these boards contain different pin mapping and additional circuitry that make it better suited to its job of being the flight controller. The reason why I think this is possible to us your STM32 based Arduino board is that the Cleanflight CLI (Command Line Interface) enables us to change the pin mapping of the STM32! If we can do that then we should be able to wire up our accelerometer + additionally required gear and allocate the STM32’s pins to those things! Anyway, it sounds like a project that is not for the faint hearted but I still think we can do it. If all doesn’t work out we could just try to build Arduino code to emulate being a Flight Controller.

    Regards to all

    1. Hi Ethan,
      I had not looked into it in detail… I know that the Naze32 has the accelerometer built in…. I am just trying to negotiate a compromise… if we are always upgrading our technical specs, we might as well buy a pre-built $1000 drone…. I am willing to buy parts and build a drone…. we just need to decide what is the right balance between learning and making a useful and fun drone. You need to think about what do you want to learn about drone building…. What helps you towards your goals?
      Have fun,

      1. Another alternative would be multiwi on Arduino. I propose a proof of concept: if you can choose and build an Arduino-based multiwi drone, then we can order better hardware and build a bigger, better drone.


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