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  1. Hey Bob, sorry I haven’t written back in a while! I think this is a great post. I just think this would leave a lot of room for error. Pagoda, Circular Polarized, Patch and Helical antennas are really hard to make because they have to be made very precisely regarding the number of turns in the coils, the length of the wire and (with the pagoda type) the spacing of the disks. If any of these variables are changed from the perfect value the range and quality of the FPV feed are significantly decreased. This is because the most popularly used frequency for FPV is 5.8GHz when these values change the frequency of transmission and reception.

    anyway it would be fun to try


    1. Hi EJBuilder,

      I agree it would be challenging….. challenging can be learning, so if it is fun…. except there are lots of other fun learning challenges in the queue first….

      See you at robotics.


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